What will be the best time to start home construction in India?

What is the best time for starting home construction in India? 

What will be the best time to start home construction in India?

Well, it depends on how much you’re financially well-to-do. Recessions or times of low inflation can be a great time to build a new home as the supplies and labour are both cheap. Then, what will be the best time of the year to begin custom home construction?

Whether it is winter, spring, or summer, the springtime can be the ideal time of the year to start construction for a new home. You must choose a time for the start of construction when you complete the construction without any interruption. If you’re starting the construction of the house at your sight, then spring may be the perfect time to begin.

In India, the best time for starting home construction will be the post-monsoon approaching the winter. That is between September-March.  The quality of houses built after the monsoon season or during winter will be better than the houses built during summer and monsoon. There is no rain in India September-March.

Not too hot or not too cold

If you wait long enough to start construction, then the temperatures and weather conditions may get extreme for the builders. If the weather conditions become extreme, there would be an unnecessary delay in the completion of the project. Snow & Ice in the winter or the scorching heat of the summer can create serious hindrances to the construction of the project. For optimal construction, dry and cool spring weather will be the best. The exterior of the building should be completed before extreme weather that is too cold or too hot.

Why it is important for you to choose the right time?

India is a large country and a wide range of weather conditions is felt. There is scorching heat during the summer, downpours during the monsoon, and extreme cold during winter. There are a few things to be considered:

  • Excess heat withers away the moisture content inside the concrete that is required for it to stay properly.
  • Monsoon creates a challenge while executing a foundation for water-logging and may incur additional pumping costs to drain out water. There would be a chance of soil collapse.
  • During monsoon, the quality of sand availability may vary and needs proper storage to avoid the increase in moisture content. Then, there would be the need for proper storage of cement during the rainy season.
  • Direct contact with rain can jeopardize new construction and cause an unwanted delay in construction.
  • The hydration process will be slower and for that extra precaution and adjustments need for achieving the desired strength of concrete.

Labour Availability

Availability of labor is a crucial factor. During the festive seasons, labor stays low and it may delay the renovation process.

Quality & Price of Materials

The quality of raw materials used and their availability and the price of raw materials would be important. Such factors go up and down the year and it is for you to choose when to go for them.

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