Top 10 financially strong Construction company helping in boosting the Economy of India

The construction sector plays a vital role in the economic growth of a nation. It supports employment, generates jobs, creates infrastructure, and finally helps in empowering the economy of a nation. Many construction companies in India play an indispensable role in sky rocketing the economy. 

Although, it would be partisanship to say that construction companies are the only industries that boost the economy. But it is still an inevitable part. As per the report, the construction industry in terms of value will reach a high CAGR of 15%. That is 7389.5 Billion dollars by the end of 2022. If you are searching for the top ten companies that boost the economy, here is a list of top ten companies along with their revenue and market share.

Top 10 financially strong Construction company in a descending order

#10: Shree Cement LTD

In the tenth position stands Shree Cement LTD. This is a firm that came back in 1979 from the renowned Bangur family of Kolkata. The Bangur family initially set up their cement plant first in the year 1985. Back then the capacity was only 0.6 Mtpa. But now the company creates about 29.30 million tons. 

  • Revenue: INR 12.555 crore
  • Employees: 6299
  • Market share: 7%

#9: ACC Limited 

The number ninth in the list is ACC limited. It is one of the most famous cement manufacturing companies in India. it has a vast network of about 50,000 dealers, with a nationwide sales office.

  • Revenue: INR 15,398 Crore
  • Employees: 6731
  • Market share: 6%

#8: Reliance infrastructure LTD

Reliance infrastructure or the Rinfra is a part of the Reliance Group. The reliance group is India’s largest company and incorporated in the year 1929. This firm takes several developing projects to deliver great infrastructure. It is also in the defence sector.

  • Revenue: INR 20, 361 Crore
  • Employees: 44,761
  • Market cap: INR 572.00 crore 

#7: Ambuja cement Ltd

In the seventh position stands another great cement manufacturing company. It is also one of India’s leading cement manufacturing companies. It offers a great range of house building solutions. Below is it details:

  • Revenue: INR 26,646 Crore
  • Employee: 5180
  • Market share: 6.2%

#6: Jindal Steel and Power LTD

Jindal Steel is another great construction company that boosts the economy. This is a part of the OP Jindal Group. Jindal, as you must be aware is the largest producer of Indian Steel. The firm operates across Odisha, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh.

  • Revenue: INR 37, 652 Crore
  • Market Share: 7%
  • Employees: XX

#5: Ultra tech cement LTD

In the fifth position comes another financially strong construction company in the list. Ultra tech is another cement manufacturing company. It is in fact the largest manufacturer of grey cement in India. 

  • Revenue: INR 38,567 Crore
  • Employee: 1, 20,000
  • Market Share: 21.4%

#4 Steel Authority of India LTD

SAIL comes at rank 4. However, this is a government-owned steel manufacturing company in India. This firm also boosts the economy.

Revenue: INR 57, 496

#3: JSW Steel LTD

At the third position comes JSW steel. It is a renowned construction company that deals in steel manufacturing. In fact, it ranks among the world’s top 7 steel manufacturers.

Revenue: INR 84,050 Crore

#2 Tata Steel LTD

Tata Steel is a division of the Tata Group. It is Asia’s largest steel manufacturing company that came in 1907. Besides, there is also Tata projects that take several construction projects. 

Revenue: 1,40, 769 Crore

#1: L&T- Larsen & Turbo LTD

This company stands at the first rank. This firm is India’s largest construction company. Further, this construction company stands among the top 30 contractors. 

  • Revenue: INR 141,007 Crore
  • No. of employees: 44,761


Wrapping up, these are the top financially strong construction companies that boost the economy of India. if you are an aspiring civil engineer, you must watch out for working at these top ten companies.

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