Top ten Construction Company to start your career in 2021

Top ten Construction Company to start your career in 2021

Construction Company is no doubt the biggest industry in the market. when it comes to employment, construction companies are the second largest employment generators in the world. As per the national budget session of 2020, almost 65000 projects have been introduced for the ease of living of citizens. From that, you may have figured out how many job opportunities do construction company creates.

If you are a civil engineer, you are at the best place. It is because; this post will help you know about the ten biggest construction companies to start your career. The professionals from different sources have found out the best ten construction companies that offer you a great future.

L&T Engineering and construction division (L&T ECC), Chennai

L&T is India’s one of the largest construction company. Most of the civil engineers after completing their degree aspire to find a job in L&T. The L&T comes among the world’s best 30 contractors. The capability span of this firm is the total gamut of the construction industry. Thus, as a civil engineer, you should always aspire for this construction company.

Tata Projects LTD.

Next on the list comes another great construction company in India. This big name is not a strong pillar of the construction industry, instead, you can find it in every other industry that you name. Starting from salt to automobile Tata is the most established names. It generates a lot of employment opportunities in the construction industry as well.

Shapoorji Pallonji & Co LTD, Mumbai

The third name that comes on the list is Shapoorji Pallonji. This firm in Mumbai is one of the top construction companies that commit to deliver the best work in the construction sector. Thus, it also offers a thousand job opportunities.

Hindustan Construction Company, Mumbai

HCC groups is another exceptional construction company that offers world-class engineering. This company also is one of the most top construction companies. Its aim for innovating is a strong reason that makes it revolutionary. In 2021, it is a great firm for all civil engineers.

GMR Group, Mumbai

The fifth name in the list comes from GMR Group. It is another global player that drives the construction industry to success. It also generates thousands of job opportunities for civil engineers. The company also committed to bring out a better working environment for civil engineers.

Afcons Infrastructure Limited  

This company is a sister company of Shapoorji and Pallonji. It is one of the second largest construction companies in India. This company proudly stands as a great infrastructure development company. Thus, it also creates thousands of jobs for all the civil engineers in India.

JMC projects

The JMC projects have been in the market for quite a few years now. The value to the projects that it gives makes it a great construction company. Similarly, it also offers great value to its employee. Thus, if you are watching for the best construction company to work for, you can consider this firm. 

JK infrastructure 

If you are an engineer, you would already have been acquainted with this name. JK infrastructure is a top name in offering precision to its client. Similarly, when it comes to a job, it creates numerous work opportunities. It is not only in the construction industry; instead, it is also in transportation, civil construction, and irrigation.

 Reliance infrastructure 

Next on the list is another top name in the market. This firm is one of India’s gem as it drives the economy of the nation by creating millions of job opportunities. 

Essar Group

The last one on the list is the Essar group. This is a recently developed firm that aims to dedicate its services to the core sector of construction. That is why it creates several job opportunities for civil engineers. 


Keeping it short, these are the top-notch ten construction companies that you should always aspire to. Now that you know the top ten names, you must prepare yourself to acquire jobs in these companies.

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