Aluminium vs. UPVC: Which one is better for window & Door in Residential Buildings?

Aluminium vs. UPVC: Which one is better for window & Door in Residential Buildings?

Building a house is one of the most tedious jobs. And if you are building your dream home, you will never want to compromise on any part of your home. One such essential portion of the residential homes is the doors and windows. They not only help you in entering and exiting, but they also help you in keeping your home secure. On the other hand, windows in your house are essential for air circulation. 

So, when you are making your dream home, you should never compromise on the materials used in the doors and windows. Two components that are famous lately are the aluminum doors and the UPVC doors. Choosing the one between these two can be a tough decision for the homeowners. However, this is also a long-term debate, when you are discussing the efficiency of both. Here in this post, you are going to grasp the knowledge about which one is better.

Durability: Aluminium vs. UPVC  

If you are comparing both these materials for your doors and windows, then the first thing that comes to your mind is durability. You will always want to know which amongst them is more durable than the other one. You will always want your material to win the long run. 

When it comes to durability, UPVC has been the choice for most people. It is because; it is not only durable, but it is also resistant to rot. Further, using the UPVC doors and windows offers you long life in lower maintenance. 

Similarly, aluminium is also highly durable. In fact, the high-quality aluminium material can last up to 45 years. It is because; they don’t degrade that easily as UPVC. Further, the aluminium also doesn’t rust that easily. Thus, you can always go for aluminium.

Energy efficiency: Aluminium vs. UPVC

One of the main reasons why people take a step back for Aluminium is due to the lower thermal efficiency. Aluminium is usually a highly conductive component. They can easily transmit the heat within them. For many years aluminium was thermally inefficient as compared to the UPVC.

But with the rapid development of technology, the aluminium doors and window frames are not the same anymore. These days the Aluminium doors and windows are coming with unique thermal breaks that don’t allow the heat to pass. 

The Aluminium double glazed windows are not any less efficient than the UPVC doors and windows. However, eventually, the level of thermal efficiency also varies from one material to another. Thus, Aluminium is no way less energy efficient than the UPVC.


If you are constructing your house, then these are the factors that never get ignored. Every house owner pays higher priority to the security while making their home. When it comes to security, both these materials are equally strong against damage. Both of them can resist greater force without even any hassle. However, using the timber door is always compromising on security. It is because; when they degrade, anyone can make forceful entry.

So, when you are comparing both the materials based on security, both of them stand on the same line. But there is one advantage of UPVC over aluminium. And that is UPVC is more soundproof than Aluminium.

Aesthetics: Aluminium vs. UPVC

It is needless to say that every house owner these days wants a sleek style. And this is where aluminium gains popularity. The aluminium doors and the windows are slimmer than UPVC and are more famous in the new-age homes.


After making a brief comparison, it is clear that Aluminium gets a few extra points when it is about comparing both the materials. However, UPVC gives a tough fight as well. What is your opinion is the best? You can accord your views in the comment section below.

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