DMC PILING :- Construction Of Pile Foundation By Direct Mud Circulation Method

DMC PILING :- construction of Pile Foundation by Direct Mud circulation Method

DMC piling means Direct Mud Circulation piling. Here Installation of Pile Foundation is done Using Direct Mud Circulation Method (DMC).

Direct Mud Circulation method is best suited when sufficient working-space is available for piling .

The tools and machine required for DMC piling are

1) Tripod with pulley

2) winch machine

3) Wire-rope

4) Chisel

5) casing pipe

6) drill pipes

7) Tremie pipes

8) A vertical pump and

9) pit where bentonite powder is mixed with fresh water.

A tripod is a three-legged structure with a pulley attached at the top to  operate the chisel/rammer that bores the earth. The pulley is connected with drill pipes with a wire rope that is ultimately fastened with the winch machine. 

So the chisel is the primary boring tool and the drill pipes are appurtenance that provide the depth, and also, fills the bore with bentonite suspension which makes the mud to flow out from the bore. The number of drill pipes required varies depending on the depth of the bore required.

Besides this, a vertical pump is installed in the bentonite pit so as to pump the bentonite solution into the bore hole through drill pipes and chisel.

You can visit here to watch the complete process of DMC piling on field.

After arrangement all the equipment at site and after completion of pile layout , the tripod is fixed on the pile point.

A casing of the pile diameter is fixed at that point to start the pile boring process. Casing is fixed with the help of the rammer attached with the tripod & winch machine.

The method is termed as Direct Mud Circulation because it involves the circulation of mud from the pile bore directly to the bentonite pit where the pump reuses the bentonite slurry leaving alone the settled mud.

When the Boring is completed we will insert the steel cage and start pouring concrete with the help of treme pipes , as shown in the video above, to fill the bore with concrete up to ground level. 

When the concrete is filled up to ground level all treme pipes and the casing pipe removed and the piling process is completed.

Post piling procedures described in next article. 

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