The best area to buy a property in Bhubaneswar for investment

In the last few years, there are many developers who are coming up with projects to capitalize on the demand of the homes and plots in and around Bhubaneswar. Due to the soaring prices of real estate properties, investment in homes and land has become very profitable these days. If you want to get long-term gains, then the investment in property in Bhubaneswar can be a good option. 

As the real estate projects in metro cities have gone beyond the reach of property buyers, smaller cities like Bhubaneswar as an alternative. The property buyers can invest their surplus money in purchasing land properties in Bhubaneswar. There are areas like Patia, Kalinga Nagar,

Sundarpada, Khandagiri, and Pahala have been regarded as the best localities in Bhubaneswar to invest in landed properties.

Plots for Investment

There are places like Arugul, Jatani, Atala, Pratapnagari, Pitapali, Barang, Mancheswar, Dhaua near New Bhubaneswar Railway station, tankapani road, Gudiapokhari etc. are bit far away from the city are coming up. The developers are offering litigation-free plots, apartments, duplexes, and villas at the cheapest rate. Real estate developers are offering all amenities at these places. As per the data available, there are thousands of properties are available to purchase. There are as many as 3000 plots that are for sale in and around Bhubaneswar. The plots start from rupees 500 per square foot to Rupees 2000 square feet.

Why it is Beneficial? 

Investment in residential plots can be considered the most reliable form of investment. People tend to invest in landed properties that can provide substantial returns. Asset creation is always beneficial in the long run and can secure one’s future.  This method ensures financial security and the losses in the land investment are almost non-existent. You can buy a plot and sell it straight away. There are many advantages if you invest in residential plots. Land investment is always stable. 

·       It offers greater flexibility.

·       Land prices are always in an upward trend. The landowner would never be at loss.

·       There is no delay. It is also a time-saver.

·       There are fewer problems and hardly any litigation.

·       There is no maintenance.

·       Low property tax

·       The buying and selling procedures are simple and transparent.


·       As there is limited land property, the prices will always go up. 

As there are many plotting projects are coming up in these areas, one should buy from the registered real estate developers rather than individual owners. You need to check the credentials of real estate developers and mega property owners before purchasing. If you’re buying individual plots from the individual owners, make sure all the papers are authentic. If you are buying individual plots from a known source, make sure all the papers are authentic. You can discuss directly with the owner or his/her kith and kin. Most frauds are happening in individual plots. These plotted projects are normally litigation and dispute-free. 

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