Interesting Facts behind Konark Sun temple architecture!

Your trip to Odisha is always incomplete without paying a visit to the famous Konark Temple. The Konark Temple is the pride and honour of Odisha in terms of beauty and architecture. This monument is a masterpiece from the 13the Century. And the story about the architects of this temple is a popular chapter for the students of Odisha.

Now, while discussing the architecture of this magical monument, you will discover that the temple is in the shape of a chariot. Further, it is believed to be the chariot of the sun. If you are searching about facts relating, this post is going to help you discover some astonishing architectural facts about the famous Konark Sun Temple.

 Fact #1- The design replicates a chariot with 12 wheels

Yes! You are reading it right. When you see the Konark Sun Temple, you will find that the design of this temple is like a chariot drawn by seven horses. Further, the shape also includes 12 wheels. Building such a huge monument with such detailing was indeed excellent. 

Fact #2- The first rays of the sun fall directly on the sun idol placed inside!

Although, the temple now is a world heritage site, and you can find much of its structure damage but it is still amazing with facts. Another architectural fact that will astonish is the sun rays falling inside the temple. Yes! The temple is designed in such a way that the first ray of sun falls directly on the sun idol placed inside the temple. When the architecture built this beautiful structure, they made sure that the first ray is always visible upon the idol before anywhere else. Achieving such precision without technology is par excellence.

Further, inside the temple, you can also find a sundial that shows you the time. When the sun rays fall upon the sun, you can determine the time of the day. people even visiting today can see this extraordinary architecture that shows the time.

Fact #3- The sun’s idol floats in mid-air!

This is another breathtaking fact that will bring Goosebumps to you! Yes! You are reading it right. The sun’s idol floats in the mid-air. Although it is not witnessed now, however, in the initial days, the temple’s main idol room got designed with magnets used in the construction. These magnets forced the idol to float in the middle of the air. 

When you people entered the room, you can experience the sun’s idol standing in the mid-air. However, you cannot see it now! This is because; the magnetic field of the time influenced compass navigation. So, the sailors in those days who invaded India complained about the magnetic field. And the magnets were removed from the temple. However, this was a masterpiece during those days.

Fact #4- The temple took 12 years to complete

Although the temple might seem to be a mere figure now, it took almost 12 years to complete in those days. History says that the lower part of the temple was ready within a few days. But what took years was the completion of the “Deula” or the tip of the temple. The records also say that the king who was getting this temple built even ordered for the killing of the architects if they don’t complete it within the deadline. However, the main architect’s son who was also having skills in architects built the Deula within few days. He was also about 12 years only. but in order to save his father’s life, he gave away his life in the water of the Chandrabhaga Ocean. It is because; if the king would find anyone else building the tip, he would kill the architects anyway. So, to save the lives of several architects, the little boy sacrificed his life.


Wrapping up, these are the architectural facts about the Konark Sun temple. If you want to witness the same now, then book your trip to Puri, and visit the same place now!

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