How to name your apartment community to attract residents and attention

How to name your apartment community to attract residents and attention?

Are you looking for naming ideas for your apartment community so that it will attract more residents? Apartment complexes and buildings are becoming more popular these days. They ensure a convenient and relaxed lifestyle for their residents so that it will save their precious time and money. As there is a growing number of apartment buildings, that doesn’t mean you won’t give attention to them. Some people prefer to live in apartments just because of convenience and affordability.

If you’re looking for cool naming ideas for your apartment community, you needn’t pick something too generic or boring. Then, you shouldn’t be too specific or weird while naming. Then how will you name? Always, give your apartment community a name that is short and easy to remember. Shorter names are normally very memorable that you should name just in one or two words. Name in such a way that its alliteration is fun to say and can easily stick to the memory. We have found some typical apartment community names that will raise your senses and can attract the residents. They are awesome ones.

How does an apartment community naming idea help to attract the residents?

Research shows that the apartment building name can make a huge difference in getting residents to your doors. 75% of all real estate purchases are indeed made on brand names. So to have the right apartment community name is critical to success. When you have invested so much energy, time, and money in building an apartment, you should choose a very special name.

Few Tips for selecting the name

  1. It should be unique.
  2. It needn’t be too unique. Keep it short, simple, and sweet.
  3. Research on the local area apartment community naming ideas. You may choose a name if that is already in use. So, you need to make some research what are the names already used.
  4. The brand is essential for an apartment community. Choose a name that should be related to your brand and should highlight the brand authority.
  5. Name the apartment building in such a way that it should feel the importance in the next 10 years. Choose a name that will appear fresh and new in the next 10 years.
  6. Make sure it shouldn’t awkward-Concentrate on a focus group. You should choose a name that is not misinterpreted. It should not sound bad or embracing.
  7. Make it easy to remember- short, try alliteration, and consider the community
  8. Research the domain in the various domain-providing sites.

Some Examples of Apartment Community Name

·       Seaview Apartments

·       The Twin Towers

·       Darling Building

·       Rockwell

·       Skyline Condo

·       Lilli Midtown Apartments

·       Royal View

·       One Uptown


·       Ray White Residential

·       Greenway Court Apartments

·       Eastern Suburbs

·       Ventura Ridge

·       Greenspace

·       Oak Ridge Apartments

·       Garden Square

·       Park Place

·       Hillside Canyon Apartments


·       Hillside Apartments

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