Buying a home! Guide to buy your dream home in India

Buying a home! Guide to buy your dream home in India

When you are going to buy a home or you can say your dream home, it is not just a purchase but you’re making a huge investment that is one of the biggest investments of your life. When you are buying your dream home and the investment you make, you should find the balance between them. And your purchase must be well-directed and affordable. Then, the factors are you need to see before making the purchase: 

·       When you’re searching to buy your home, you should be clear about your budget which means how much you can pay. There is one tool like an online mortgage calculator. This online mortgage calculator can be found on many home buying websites. You just fill up your details about your financial status on that link and click on submit button and it will bring you the estimate of the cost you can afford for a house. Then, there are other fees associated with home purchase such as legal fees, taxes, title transfer fees, down payment, interest rate, appraiser fees, real estate agent commission fee, appraiser fees, etc. 

·       As you have already determined how much you can afford to pay for a house, then you should search for your ideal home.  First thing, you decide what types of house you want to purchase size, the number of rooms, bathrooms, and proximity to hospitals, schools, colleges, and nearby markets.


·   Its geographic location, climate, flooding, wildfires, etc, and can obtain the appropriate homeowner’s insurance.

·     Once you decide the type of home, location, and size, then you can decide how much you can afford to pay. You can enlist the services of a home inspector and appraiser to make sure you get good value for the money. The home appraiser can access the real cost of the house taking into consideration all related factors and the structure of the house and how it has been built. 

Other Factors

  1. Understand your monthly expenditure
  2. Access the interest rates and closely monitor it.
  3. Commute time is very important.
  4. Need to gather information about the locality and its residents
  5. Analysis local community life
  6. Take noise and pollution into account
  7. Find an experienced real estate broker and legal advisor
  8. Enjoy the Home Buying Process

10 smart tips to follow while buying your dream home

  1. Need to have adequate funds to make the down-payment
  2. Be financially self-sufficient
  3. Stick to your budget
  4. Research your dream home or gather information.
  5. Don’t just save but invest.
  6. Keep money for future EMIs.
  7. Prepare for other expenses
  8. Improve the credit score
  9. Compare the home loans.

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