Civil engineering vs. architecture, which option to choose after 10+2

Are you on a stage where you have to choose between two career paths? Well, choosing between two different career path is much tedious; especially when it is civil engineering vs. Architecture. But you are at the right place. Here in this post, you are going to learn the key distinction between Civil engineering, and architecture. This will help you choose what’s best for you. 

Now, most of you would be thinking that Architecture and civil engineering both are a part of the construction industry, then how is it distinct. Well, both of them may indispensable part of the construction industry, but when it comes to job opportunities, both career paths are distinct. So, here find out the subtle difference between these two paths.

Civil engineering

Civil engineering is an extensive world. It indulges the design, maintenance and construction of the physical and naturally created surrounding. These massive creations include roads, bridges, canal, buildings, and dams. In simple term, you can define civil engineering as a subject that deals with the construction and maintenance of large structures including buildings. Reading this subject will practically involve you in deciding the materials that you should use to resist the load. 


The word that you are saying is actually derived from the word arkhitekton. The translation of this word is chief/ main builder. That implies; that the architects are the main creators of the buildings. However, when you come to the real definition of the subject, architecture is the art of designing the building. So, it is more like adding creativity to the structural buildings. 

If you will term these two definitions in simple words then the architectures are the ones who create creative and unique ideas for creating a building. However, the civil engineers give shape to the ideas by assessing the design.

Scope of subject

This might be the biggest difference that defines both professions. The architecture is a professional that deals with the physical structure of the building. The main focus of the architecture is creating great functionality for the building. For example, if you have a massive piece of land, the architects create the design as such that helps you access the land for better use. That means the architecture creates the design to increase the functions and offering a great lifestyle. However the architects also design houses to increase their aesthetics. 

On the other hand, Civil engineering plans and executes as per the design of the architects. They assess the design of the architects and then put up all the elements to create a structure. They also make sure that the structure that they create will offer endurance to extreme condition. 

Field of operation 

This is where civil engineering wins. This is because; both the civil engineers and architects work in collaboration, but at some stages, they overlap each other. When it comes to the field of operation, civil engineers can get an extensive range of options. This is because; they need of architects is only for those building that needs to built for a creative purpose only. this includes only areas like commercial and residential buildings, complex, public buildings, etc. however, the civil engineers get massive projects. This includes railway tracks, bridges, harbours, and many more. these are those massive projects that don’t require any sort of aesthetics. Instead, it needs to be strong. 

Similarly, when it comes to academics, civil engineers focus on creating efficient projects that will benefit a large part of the people, whereas the architects focus on aesthetics and design that will fulfil the personal requirements.


Keeping it short, these are the key distinction between architecture and civil engineering. Civil engineering no doubt offers you better scopes and opportunities compared to architecture.

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