Building Construction Process Step By Step

Building Construction Process Step by Step Start to Finish.

When we plan to start the construction of own building or any residential or commercial building, the stages & steps involved in the building construction process should be in our mind so that the building construction will be completed smoothly without any hinderance due to poor planning. Building construction includes multiple activities.  Here we will discuss about all steps involved in building construction from the land acquisition to site handover.

Building construction process has the following stages.

A)   Pre-Construction Stage


B)    Construction Stage

A) Pre-Construction Stage:

In Pre-Construction stage of building construction, we have to complete the following steps.

1)    Land Selection & Acquisition

2)    Area Cleaning & Survey

3)    Soil test to obtain the Safe Bearing capacity of the Soil.

4)    Prepare the BluePrint, Building plan, Plot key plan along with drainage and other services drawings.

5)    Prepare the design & finalize the construction methodology to be followed.

6)    Arrangement of water & electricity at the building construction site.

7)    Prepare Estimate for Budget allocation or Bank Loan.

8)    Approval from local authorities like Local Development Authorities or Municipal Corporation.

9)    Selection of vendors/contractors for Building Construction.

After completion of the above stages, we will start the construction stage.

B) Construction Stage:

Building construction stage involves the following steps.

Area Preparation & Layout:

1)   Site Preparation/ levelling for Layout.


2)   Setting up the benchmarks / Reference points after Layout.

Activities for Sub-structure in Building construction:

1)    Piling in case of Deep Foundation only.

2)    Earth work in excavation.

3)    Sand Filling below Foundation or Pile cap.

4)    P.C.C in below Footings or Pile cap.

5)    Foundation Steel Binding, Shuttering & R.C.C for Shallow Foundation.

6)    Pile head breaking & pile cap R.C.C in case of Deep Foundation.

7)    Column / Pedestal up to Plinth Beam bottom level.

8)    Sand Filling & P.C.C Below Plinth Beam.

9)    Plinth Beam R.C.C.

Activities for Super-structure in Building construction:

1)    Column Above Plinth Beam up to Roof beam Bottom

2)    Brick works or other masonry work in Superstructure

3)    Lintel beam & Chajja

4)    Staircase R.C.C

5)    Roof Beam & Roof Slab R.C.C.

6)    Electrical Conduiting in brick or masonry walls.

7)    Plumbing Piping toilets & kitchen.

8)    Internal Plaster.

9)    External Plaster.

10)                    Applying two layers putty.

11)                    Door & Window Frames fixing

12)                    Tiles or Granite or Marble Flooring etc.

13)                    Skirting / Dado

14)                    Primer

15)                    Paint 1st coat

16)                    Door & Window Shutter fixing

17)                    Electrical wiring

18)                    Electrical Switch boards & etc. fixing

19)                    Plumbing Fittings & Fixture Fixing

20)                    Final Touchup if any

21)                    Final Paint

22)                    House Keeping


23)                    Handover

After Completion of the above steps, we can handover the building to the user for use but there are so many other works like Modular kitchen, wardrobe fixing, False ceiling & other interior works also may be executed to give luxurious look & feel to the building.

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