What are the key factors to remember before starting home renovation?

What Are The Key Factors To Remember, Before Starting A Home Renovation?

Improving your home or giving a boost to its structure can be the best way of making it look better than before. Before taking up some temporary construction, you can do some renovations to its structure. Even if you want to expand or add an extra room or maximize it, you have to make some renovations to your house. Renovation to the house cannot be done in haste or without planning. Such renovation work takes a lot of thinking and planning before making the final decision. Some factors have to be taken care of before starting of home renovation. 

Factors Should Be Considered Before Starting Of Home Renovation:

Renovation of a house can be challenging at times. There are a lot of aspects to be considered when it comes to the planning of the renovation. The top factors to include:

• Renovation Budget:

Your budget is the most important aspect of your home renovation that will decide what you can do with that much money. Once you have zeroed on the budget, you are better placed to decide on what renovations to be done within that.

• Obtain Planning Permission:

If you’re going for an extensive home renovation project, you may need planning permission from the local administration. You need to get planning permission as soon as possible because it needs 3-4 weeks to complete the official process. Otherwise, it will delay the project timeline.

• Make a building survey:

It is a highly rewarding experience to get your home renovated. However, any large-scale renovation of your house needs an initial building survey. This is particularly important if the owner has purchased the property.

• Fixing a renovation schedule:

Creating a renovation schedule after an initial survey of the building will keep the renovation plan on track. Fixing a renovation schedule will map out every job that needs completion and is important for a successful renovation project.

• Ensure adequate damp proofing:

Damp is a very serious problem in any building specifically if the building is old. Dampness occurs due to the excess moisture in the air such as steam emitted from cooking or drying clothes. It can have an effect seen on internal walls, paint, wallpaper, plaster as well as appearing condensed on windows. Adequate damp proofing in the building is crucial before any wider renovation.

• Be savvy in the case of downstairs bathrooms:

Downstairs bathrooms are mostly found in old buildings and properties. There is no need for replacing it with one upstairs. It can very expensive and could end up losing bedroom or storage space. You can add a shower room or at least make use of your downstairs bathroom while creating one upstairs.

Major Things to Be Considered Before Renovation

Step 1: Planning – Budget fixation

Step 2: Demolition

Step 3: HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing

Step 4: Framing & Drywall

Step 5: Painting

Step 6: Cabinets and Fixtures

Step 7: Doors and Windows

Step 8: Clean House and Air Vents

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