Tips and cool tricks to decorate your kid’s room

When your kids reach an age to have their own bedrooms, then it becomes imperative for you to get it decorated ideally suited to the likes of you as well as your kids. It can be very exciting to have a well-designed bedroom for your kid. Of course, it would be fair for you to know the kid’s choice. Then, you can conceptualize how to design the room. The first thing, you do is to see what you already have and what more you can add to the room. Find some useful tips and cool tricks to decorate your kid’s room. 

Depending on the theme of the kid’s room, it can be affordable or can be costly. It remains you how you can decorate your kid’s room in a budgeted way. But, you have to keep in mind that as your kid grows up; the design of the room will be changed. No teenager would want to sleep in a child’s room. Therefore, find some tricks to design your kid’s bedroom.

Tips and Cool Tricks for Designing your Kid’s Bedroom

If you design your kid’s room as per the likes of his/her, he/she would appreciate the special space.  The process of finding the theme for your kid’s room will be much easier if you implement the following tips:  

1.     Paint the walls of the room with light color with cool undertones so that the room will appear spacious. For example, color the walls of the room with the likes of cornflower blue or pale moss green and then use wall border or self-stick wall appliqués.  This will help the child to grow with the room and you can change the borders.

2.     Kids always want to feel special and want to have a room that they can relate to easily. Choose the theme for your child’s room according to his/her interest, likes and dislikes, and hobbies. Decorate the room according to one’s hobbies, teddy bears, flowers, amusement parks, or themes that your child feels comfortable with.

3.     You can use designer fabric it shouldn’t be more than a yard or two for instant art and can use paint and wallpaper to make the color scheme.  You can make your design theme very cost-effective way by picking up solid throw pillows from local stores.

4.     Find the decorations that can be changed easily as the child grows. Make use of wooden letters that spell out your child’s name, toys and stuffed animals, and bookshelves.

5.     Use bright colors in the child’s room as accent colors. It will stimulate a cheery and happy atmosphere and will keep your child in good humor. For example use colors such as light blue, yellow, navy blue, bright red, as accent colors to create balance.

6.     Get something innovative from your background to design your kid’s room. For example, if you’re of Indian origin, then you can find animal kinds of stuff that relate to your origin. It will inspire your child about your traditions, background, and ancestors.

7.     Use whimsical touches to the shelving units for added style. For example, you can use stuffed animals, puppets, wooden painted toys, etc. 

8.     Find a focal point for the kid’s room. Decide which is to be the focal point of the bedroom. It could be a particular wall, bed, floor, ceiling desk, shelf area, or anything you may like. Develop a castle theme in the room with colorful and cost-effective accessories.

9.     You can make the ceiling attractive by decorating it with glow and dark items. You should design it in such a way that it can be enjoyable for sighting just like gazing at the night stars.


10.  Don’t stick to a particular design and should place education-related things in the room such as books, charts, and toys that is indicative of learning.

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