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Steps to get clearance for building construction and BANK LOAN

A constructed building has no doubt better demand in the market. You will always find a constructed building having a huge demand among the builders. They will approach you to buy your home and then resale it at a higher cost. On the other hand, you can also find buyers willing to pay you a higher cost for your house. Well, you might think the location or the design of the house is tempting the buyers. But it’s not what you think.

Do you know what increases the demand for constructed buildings? The actual reason for the rising demand for the constructed building is that all the approvals are in place. The buyers will not have to strike hard to get all the approvals for constructing the building. Further, any building without approvals will be stated as illegal and the development authority may also demolish it down. In short, if you want to construct your home, you need to get clearance and approvals from several departments. Here are steps about how to get clearance for your building construction.

Land Title 

The first clearance that you need to acquire is the land title. The builder of the building has to obtain a clean land title and possession of the plot if he/she wants to start the construction. A neat and transparent title will always assure that the land has no dispute. The land title also helps the future buyer to know the previous chain of owners along with any past disputes if any.

Land clearance 

The land clearance and the title are two distinct documents. Every land at first is agricultural land. And no one can construct a building on agricultural land. But on the other hand, you can convert the land into non-agricultural land by getting approvals from the concerned body. The approval will state that the land is now non-agricultural land, and can get used for residential and commercial construction. The body that offers you clearance is the ministry of urban development. Getting the clearance of land will also make it appear as permitted in the zonal plan/ master plan. It is a green flag for construction.

Zonal clearance 

The next important clearance that you need after the title and land clearance is zonal clearance. The zonal clearance is a clearance that gets approved by the revenue department. It offers you the ownership certificate for building permission under Local Body Acts.

With the zonal clearance, the state town planning authority investigates the city development and issues your NOC for the construction. Before granting the Zonal clearance, the state town planning authority issues you the NOC for building a house.

Building approval

The next step is to obtain the building approval. This is an approval from the concerned authorities that permits the construction of a house under the requirements of Building bylaws. Your building approval indulges two things. it includes the building plan and the layout approval. The building plan is a plan the builder of the house has to deposit before constructing the house. And then the layout approval is an approval that states the concerned authorities have approved the construction as per the plan.

These are the clearances that you need for the construction of your house. Further, there are some other documents that you need to get from the local body. It includes

  • Building completion certificate
  • Service and utility integration
  • Occupancy accreditation

For the bank loan approval, you need to follow the below steps

  • Fill in the application form
  • Discuss the loan amount with the bank
  • Showcase the valuation document
  • Get the approval by submitting required property documents


Keeping it short, these are the steps to get clearance for your building construction. Now that you know the process, get your approvals now!

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